Wednesday, November 08, 2006

News of the Day 11-08-06

What would be the proper tip for this? Home delivery of pot. "Open the door, it's your-weed-os." Only in NYC, we hope. I'm constantly amazed that even at my age and level of cyni . . . realism, I'm still capable of being surprised (h/t Crim Prof Blog and Crim Law) . . . Speaking of pot, NV turned down the chance at state-sanctioned pot shops yesterday. Don't see it going away, though, not in brothel-land. . . . Biomarkers are being id'ed for psychosis. While there are obvious ethical problems looming on this stuff, biology can lead to new pharmaceutical and genetic approaches for dealing with this increasing demand on correctional resources. Breakthroughs in this will be very tempting in face of budget problems, especially with all the assurances that will be given.

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