Friday, July 20, 2007

Too Bad

This guy says he’ll never run for public office. But if he’s putting his (impressive) money where his mouth is, hmmm . . . .

The nation's drug policy "is a little bit crazy," Montana Meth Project founder Tom Siebel said Thursday.

Far too much money and effort goes toward imprisoning drug users, and too little toward prevention and treatment, Siebel said during an address before a Hometown Helena civic group meeting.

Prison doesn't work, he said.

"They just get a better education," Siebel added. "It's like a graduate school program in drug distribution."

Siebel, a multimillionaire software entrepreneur, also used the occasion to press Attorney General Mike McGrath to divert more funds toward the Montana Meth Project. Although Siebel paid millions for the original project — whose graphic ads about methamphetamine abuse garnered nationwide attention — a combination of federal, state and private money now will fund the project in Montana.

"We need money," he said. The project has raised more than $500,000 in corporate and private donations in Montana in the last year, which the Siebel Foundation will match, he announced Thursday, promising to match up to $5 million. Montana's congressional delegation is also seeking federal money for the project . . .

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