Thursday, July 19, 2007

Uh-Oh, Multicultural

Speaking of consistently excellent blogs, Psychology and Crime News has a good post summarizing and linking to some intriguing reports that have come out recently, including offender desistance, problem-solving as an alternative to incarceration for juveniles, and the “crimes of the middle class” that challenge the idea that only certain types of people violate rules, regs, and norms. The best thing about P&CN is that it delivers stuff from Britain, Wales, other nations that allows us to do comparative thought, no matter how distasteful that apparently is for some folks.

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Emma said...

Thanks for the nice words Michael, glad you find PCN useful. I'm a big fan of Corrections Sentencing too, and I think you're doing a fine job of achieving what you set out to do to make it "a place for corrections/sentencing policy readers seeking latest information and research, answers to questions and concerns..."

[And I am sure the Welsh nationalists are delighted that you're supporting their bid for independence from the rest of Britain :-) ]

Best wishes,