Monday, July 02, 2007

Was the Editor Sleeping???

I’m sure all the states that have pioneered the restrictions on meth ingredients and cut down the mom-and-pop production that this article details will be thrilled with its headline: FEDS SCORE AGAINST HOMEGROWN METH. Basic stuff that we’ve followed here before—passage of anti-Actifed laws, reduction of domestic labs, vacuum filled by imports, primarily from Mexico, benefits of reducing the number of the toxic labs in our communitites. A couple of stats I found interesting. The % of folks who’ve ever used meth dropped a little last year. How does that happen? Through deaths? Young people joining the pool counted and not using (which would be good news)? And this one: only a little more than a half million people used meth last year. A quick calculation says that’s less than a tenth of a percent of our adult pop. Given everything that’s been said about it over the last few years, didn’t you think that number would be much higher than that? Especially when THIRTY PERCENT of Americans just reported alcohol abuse in their lifetimes. Especially when A BILLION PEOPLE will be killed by smoking this century worldwide, which includes the US and Canada, unless prevention efforts get serious, efforts that might be better financed if so many dollars weren’t chasing meth users (not producers anymore). Doesn’t sound like we’ve got our “public safety” hats screwed on too tight.

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