Thursday, August 30, 2007

Brains and TECHNO

Since my wife lost both her mother and grandmother to Alzheimer’s, we pay attention to the research being done. This particular piece should be of interest to anyone affected by the disease, but it also demonstrates the bioengineering means by which brains can be transformed to produce different outcomes . . . for those of you interested in how TECHNOCORRECTIONS and bioengineered changes in genetic markers for certain responses to environments might occur. And while talking about brain changing behavior (or is it behavior changing brains?), here’s an interesting post from The Frontal Cortex alerting us (well, me anyway) to software that “exercises” the brain in ways to produce desired modifications better, the author (and the software makers) claim, than pharmaceuticals. Looks like we may have to add another component to our TECHNO repertoire. (Before we go overboard, however, let’s remember what can happen when a government decides that behavior it doesn’t like can be controlled “medically.”)

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