Friday, August 17, 2007

Nothing a Little 220 Can't Cure

"Scientists at Harvard and in Brazil have just published a study that shows using low voltage current delivered through a pair of saline-soaked sponges to specific sites on the head can cut down an alcoholics craving for alcohol."
"One potential advantage of developing tDCS as an alternative therapeutic strategy is the fact that the effects of tDCS are immediate."

"...a single treatment that can transiently block craving levels quickly would be highly desirable compared to drug treatment therapies that are typically more long-lasting and lead to tonic effects and thus can-not capture craving variations."

Side-effects were very mild.

Compared to what???


Gideon said...

Just a quick comment (and suggestion): The yellow is near-impossible to read and very jarring in RSS readers like Google Reader.

Other than that, thanks for the good work!

Michael Connelly said...

I'll go back to the original white. Thought it would help distinguish the quotes better.