Friday, August 31, 2007

Moms--The REAL Gateway Drug

Turns out that moms smoking cigarettes are the real culprits in starting their kids on pot, which then causes them to become addicts and kill people.

In general, the study found that children who were exposed to their mothers' smoking as teenagers were twice as likely as their peers to be frequent marijuana users at age 21.

The children of smokers were also more likely to start smoking cigarettes by age 14. Further analysis found a relationship between maternal drinking and child marijuana, but further analysis indicated this relationship was not statistically significant.

Early smoking has been linked to a higher likelihood of marijuana use, explained lead study author Hayatbakhsh told Reuters Health. A "simple message" from these results is that young people's substance abuse is often a "consequence of the learning process."

Only one thing to do. Build more prisons. For the moms.

[Meanwhile the insanity of prosecuting and spending tax dollars on guys in wheelchairs or dying with AIDS simply for using pot to alleviate their symptoms and suffering goes on, thanks to all our fearless and shameless drug warriors.]

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