Monday, August 13, 2007

Fill in the Blanks

And see if you can figure out what illegal activity this story is talking about. And then figure out if it really matters for explaining why even “good” people commit crimes and the common ways we all rationalize away our deviant behavior.

_____ in Europe are aware of the risks of illegal _____, but often rationalize their act by saying that everyone -- including _____-- is doing it, according to a major European Commission survey.

Other excuses included: the _____ is for personal and private purposes; the _______ presumably remunerate the _____; claims of harm inflicted on _____ lack credibility; and _____ are simply too expensive.

[answers: children, downloading, their parents, downloading, Web sites, artists, artists, and DVDs and CDs]

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Brian said...

I really appreciate your blog. One request. The use of yellow in your quotes is nearly impossible to read in my feed reader. Would you consider using a darker color?
Thank you for the diligent reporting.