Monday, August 27, 2007

News of the Day, Monday, August 27, 2007

Quick hits today:
  • Zero tolerance is based on the same logic [sic] as mandatory sentencing. So, if the limits of zero tolerance are finally being recognized and, more importantly, reversed, can mandatory sentencing be far behind?
  • Sexual assaults in prison are recognized as one of our biggest problems, but the public usually thinks of this as "inmate on inmate." This article talks about the "staff on inmate" problem and its scope in WA state. Given the animosity right now among some correctional staff up there toward the DOC director, I'm wondering about the timing of this story a little, though.
  • Pot penalties going down in TX. Although it looks like what Grits for Breakfast has warned us about prosecutor likelihood in cooperating will come true.
  • GED passage rates good in OK.
  • GPS bracelets in CA, used effectively on small scale with gang types. The problem, of course, is taking it to a broader scale, one of the obstacles still slowing TECHNOCORRECTIONS. Watch out when they figure it out.
  • Apparently the correctional officer training program that IN claims to have started as its reason for taking in out-of-state inmates, who subsequently rioted, has succeeded. No more out-of-staters to be allowed in. Got enough inmates of their own now.
  • Finally, an interesting article on how prevention is still overwhelmingly needed to prevent child sex abuse crimes, even with all the "[Fill in the Blank]'s Laws" out there. Some ideas on what to do, why the "laws" are generally ineffective, how recidivism really should be addressed if we are serious and not just grandstanding, and prominent quoting of Sex Crimes Blog's Corey Rayburn Yung, being smart as usual. Just think. We knew him when . . . .

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