Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Imagine the Possibilities . . .

If we took these developments . . .

Imagine a world where a machine creates a “virtual you” by modeling how you think and your expertise on a subject. Or one where your car’s computer appreciates your driving skills and compensates for your limitations.

That’s the world Sandia National Laboratories has entered full throttle through its Cognitive Science and Technology Program (CS&T).
A large portion of Sandia’s program today focuses on the uniqueness of the individual interacting with others and with machines. It involves using machines to help humans perform more efficiently and embedding cognitive models in machines so they interact with users more like people interact with one another. The result is the ability for researchers to take advantage of the basic strengths of humans and machines while mitigating the weaknesses of each.

Cognitive projects and research at Sandia span a whole gamut of areas, ranging from student training to assisting with Yucca Mountain licensing, from designing “smart” cars to using video-like games to train military personnel, and from determining how neurons give rise to memory to global terrorist threat detection.

. . . and simulated the minds of offenders to run scenarios of motivations, deterrence, punishment, and desistance. Isn’t there a federal agency with NIJ initials that could already be looking into that?

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