Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Aggressive Personalities and Brain Chem

Brain imaging, neurochemistry, and aggressive personality. All brought together in this study at the Brookhaven National Laboratory. Low levels of a brain enzyme associated with more aggressive personalities. “The main finding: The lower the subjects’ brain MAO A activity levels, the more they answered “yes” to statements about taking advantage of others, causing them discomfort, having a short temper, vindictiveness, and enjoying violent movies.” Early example of use of imaging “normal” brains to id problem areas and, implicitly for now, those who might potentially cause social problems in the future. Also, a ripe area for pharmaceutical remedies, whether the potential offenders want them or not. IOW, TECHNOCORRECTIONS marches on.

[And speaking of brain chem and pharm, looks like Ecstasy reduces language-related memory, for males and females alike. The way things have been going lately, there may be a debate over whether that’s good or bad.]

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