Sunday, June 17, 2007

And Here's the Next One They Should Go After

Good news. Julie Amero, the substitute teacher convicted of pornography in a classroom because she couldn't get a screen she wasn't responsible for off a laptop presentation before students saw it, is getting a new trial. The DA was either incompetent or mendacious or both in his treatment of defense evidence that showed that Amero couldn't be definitively linked to the embedded material. The post here will demonstrate why, and shows why the DA should be the next in line for disbarment. This behavior is simply unacceptable in a profession whose claim to the extensive power given it is based on the claim of pursuing actual justice. And while they're at it, it sounds like they should look at the idiot judge who went along with the reprehensible and/or clueless treatment. How will we ever get crime down and trust restored to engender system legitimacy and voluntary acceptance with this stuff going on so much?

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