Monday, June 11, 2007

Because They Can, Part Deux

Okay, Genarlow Wilson is found to have had his constitutional rights in the 8th Amendment violated and ordered free in GA. Do the prosecutors there accept that they have made a mistake in this case? No, they screw around to keep the young man, who has served 2 years in prison for consensual sex with a teenage girl proven not to have been coerced, whose case led the state legis to change his offense to a MISDEMEANOR, behind bars while they appeal. Oh, sure, they have a formal excuse--"judge didn't have authority." But read all of this, how they go through the whole litany of how he didn't accept a plea and insisted he hadn't done anything wrong rather than go with the prosecution's beneficence, and tell me that this isn't all just yet another case of prosecutors who get challenged and criticized by outsiders, have power, and show everyone who the Alpha dogs are. Because . . . they . . . can. At least public defenders commenting here don't pretend they stand for justice anymore.

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