Monday, November 19, 2007

Leave It to Georgia

USA Today discovers the problem of residency restrictions driving released sex offenders to either claim or be homeless when dealing with law enforcement. Always good to see the national media catch onto something those of us in corr sent have been talking about for months. This point near the end of the article made me laugh out loud, though: In Georgia, sex offenders can be arrested for being homeless. Few places to live but don’t be homeless or we’ll add to the massive incarceration problem we have. Is anyone else thinking “Blazing Saddles” here? (The scene I’m thinking of isn’t blog-friendly.) The mind just boggles.

[USA Today didn’t catch this story about the poor old man who lives in an apartment mistakenly listed on websites as the home of a sex offender. His terror is just a small price to pay for looking like we’re doing something meaningful to stop child sex abuse, I guess.]

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