Thursday, November 29, 2007


Here’s an op-ed on a topic that I'm actually very sympathetic to, the multiple DUI folks, that demonstrates, though, why I think TECHNO for substance abusers not only is needed but is inevitable. The writer argues for greater sentences for these truly dangerous people . . . without a single word about the enormous costs associated with the change proposed. We’re not talking about sex offenders here, who don’t make up much of the prison pop and can have time added at less cost, but DUI guys who are an enormous part of the prison pop, especially in WI where this op-ed was written and which is facing a large pop growth anyway down the road. Developing bioengineered or pharmaceutical remedies for these folks will not only prevent the prison pop explosion that this writer is advocating but would actually reduce the existing prison populations, and likely at less cost than current non-incarcerative alternatives. Once the TECHNO comes online, these guys will be at the forefront of their applications, with big payoffs that will encourage more turning to TECHNO solutions in other areas. Simply advocating more prison time is trading one bad problem for another bad problem.

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