Thursday, November 15, 2007

Performance Dashboards

Don’t know if your DOC or court or commission has gotten into this much yet, but performance dashboards are being talked about in the OK DOC so maybe you’re going there, too. Looks like they’re the future, with all that high-powered corporate muscle behind them. Here’s a thorough overview at Made2Measure of the current (disheveled? fluid?) state of dashboards for courts that I think could have application for the rest of us. The concluding paragraph has definite relevance:

These are difficult questions and the right answers will depend on the court and its operating, IT, and political environments. A key consideration is to what degree courts have identified their success factors and have scoped out performance measurement and management initiatives linked to strategic goals. Another is the degree to which a court or court system is ready to expand the number of employees designated as decision makers and discovers of solutions. This, of course, has direct bearing on identifying users of performance dashboards and their specific monitoring, analytic and performance management needs.

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