Thursday, December 20, 2007

Jamie Lynn Spears Part Deux

So I can actually go for increased hits with a legit corr sent issue regarding the virginal, uh, younger sister of the role model Britney Spears (there, got her name in there, too). I actually did have this thought yesterday when I saw her teenage boyfriend had impregnated her, to the shock and surprise of the role model mother (Joy Behar joked on ABC's The View about Lynne Spears' parenting book: "It's like Jeffrey Dahmer writing a book on food!"). It’s actually nice to see somebody in the media deal with this in terms of serious implications rather than just the sensationalism of it all. Actually manages to pull the Genarlow Wilson case into it. If I’m real lucky, the boyfriend will have been one month more than two years older or something so this will actually lead to charges. Then I can get to post everyday for a while and to start running paid ads. Then I can quit this day job and watch telenovelas and sit around in . . . sorry, got carried away for a sec.

[Meanwhile, more evidence-based practice that we ignore in the name of ideology and the need for retribution for actions we disapprove of:

Sex education found to help teenagers delay sex

Was your first thought about the Spears the same as mine? Should we send the mom this story?]

Parenting program helps reduce kids' sex risk

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