Thursday, December 27, 2007

News of the Day, Thursday, December 27, 2007

  • Stateline has labeled child sex laws one of their "hot topics" for the states in 2008, with this story to outline briefly the basic details of why. Not much new, but maybe they'll be right. One of those "believe it before I see it" things for me, I'm afraid.
  • Ditto to a San Diego paper's claim that 2008 will be the year CA is forced to deal with its prison pop problems. That could have been said in the last several years, and there's plenty of space left across the country to build private prisons to house their rationality. You've got some really determined people out there, as the story quotes.
  • In IN (love typing that), an appeals court has decided that registry laws can't be applied retroactively. Sounds like the journey still has a ways to go there, though. If it holds up and is applied nationally, might relieve the workloads of cops in UT where they're, like in other states we've reported, finding that the resources to go into hunting these guys down go beyond the payoff, especially when other priorities have to be set aside.
  • Finally, successful TECHNOCORRECTIONS in MO, those anklet monitors that test your sweat for alcohol content in this case. (Doesn't it seem like that state's been monopolizing the "successful" for quite a while now?)

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