Thursday, November 08, 2007

Addict TV

A former London banker whose cocaine addiction cost him his high-flying job and nearly destroyed his marriage has created Britain's first television channel to help addicts and their families.
With his family's support, he checked into the Priory, a London rehabilitation clinic known for its celebrity clients, where, at a cost of 18,000 pounds, he slept for a month in a single bedroom with no lock on the door.

During his time in rehab, he examined his problems and the plight of his alcoholic brother and was struck by the idea of giving addicts and their loved ones support in their own homes.

With the help of private investors, he decided to set up a Web site and TV channel called The Recovery Network, , aimed at addicts, those in recovery and their families.

Trained counsellors and therapists will offer help and advice on TV, while Internet users will swap stories in chat rooms and download information from the site.

The Web site went live this week, while the TV channel will begin broadcasting from early 2008.

Only seems fair, since One third of hit songs mention alcohol, drug use