Thursday, November 01, 2007

Welcome to Our World

Zach Patton at Governing’s blog marvels at the “overblown hysteria” surrounding restricting released child sex offenders on Halloween, as if they’re more dangerous or aroused one night than another or there’s ever been a documented molestation on All Hallow’s Eve. Don’t stay here on our planet very long, though, Zach. It’s not for sane people.

[Grits for Breakfast has some of his usual excellent commentary on the same subject here. And here’s a story on how some NV officers enforced the ban if you’re interested.]

[And if he reeeaallllyyyy wants to beat his head, he should read this article on how sex offenders are avoiding arrest in CA for failing to register by claiming to be homeless, which is really hard to prove otherwise (“up” 26% this year) and which the Brainiacs who dreamed up the law should have figured out from the beginning. Not betting this only stays in CA. Of note, one DA rep in IA, where they’ve had boucoup troubles with this law, says, "Most legislators know in their hearts that the law is no good and a waste of time, but they're afraid of the politics of it," Ritchie said. When they can get on TV to warn people about Halloween sex offending, I’m not sure they’re all that afraid or aware.]

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Gritsforbreakfast said...

Actually there's one documented Halloween sex abuse/abduction I know of, 34 years ago in Wisconsin in 1973. The offender did not have a prior record so wouldn't have been on a sex offender registry had one existed. best,