Monday, December 03, 2007

A Different Agenda

After my immodest proposal to deal more effectively with corr sent (below), it’s only fair that I should point out other agendas being considered. Thanks to Grits for Breakfast, we hear what’s on the table for the TX House Corrections Committee right now with some ideas that could actually be fruitful. Let me just second Grits’ thoughts on the value of integrating silo’ed data from various state systems necessary for effective reentry planning and for having full pictures of defendants at sentencing. Some states, like OK, have already started the basics for bringing their corrections, mental health, health, education, housing, employment security, veterans’, Native American, and other relevant players to a common and consistent table. These bodies should be at least as active and involved in state policy and planning in corr sent as sentencing commissions, coordinating councils, and the other usual suspects. I know there’s a fear of Big Brother out of all this, but, if acknowledged upfront, that might be more manageably controlled than in the current kind of haphazard approach we’re taking. If a solid libertarian like Grits can see value in it, then I think we can deal with the fears.

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