Sunday, December 09, 2007

Sci-Fi and Corrections Sentencing

Here's a general blog post about how our reality is becoming even more and more what we used to call science fiction. The whole thing is interesting but here's one quote that I think shows how the thesis is certainly true for what's happening right now in corr sent:

“The truth is,” Aldiss has written, “that we are at last living in an SF scenario.” A collapsing environment, a hyperconnected world, suicide bombers, perpetual surveillance, the discovery of other solar systems, novel pathogens, tourists in space, children drugged with behaviour controllers – it’s all coming true at last. Aldiss thinks this makes SF redundant. I disagree. In such a climate, it is the conventionally literary that is threatened, and SF comes into its own as the most hardcore realism.

Clockwork Orange anyone?

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