Saturday, December 15, 2007

What Heads in Sand Produce

The kind of story you need to read to understand what we talk about here about the long-term implications of what our climate change may be (aka IS) producing, a three-way dispute between FL, GA, and AL (Alabama, not Alaska) over water usage from common supplies and the horrific planning and "la, la, la, just keep doing what we've always done" wisdom of policymakers unwilling to deal with reality before it got too tough. The analogy with corr sent should be obvious, but let me add the reminder that these are also three states with well-publicized corrections sentencing problems. Do we really see them handling the more drastic water needs without demands for government action and resources at some point? I haven't read that they're doing so well fiscally that this can be handled without impact on other public programs, including ours. And this is only one of the areas predicted to call in these resources. It would seem time to be doing realistic planning before this turns into the same thing they're facing . . . la, la, la, . . . .

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