Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Can Anyone Tell Me the Guidelines for This?

Travelocity gnome stolen from Northwestern!

The Travelocity gnome (not sure if he has an official name), that little guy with the accent and hat who tries to help travelers on those TV commercials but usually just ends up being kicked, run over, or electrocuted, was
stolen from Northwestern University. The company brought the gnome to the university while they conducted on-campus interviews.

So far there are no leads, and there have been no ransom or demands made either. Officials say this is the first time such a thing has happened at Northwestern. All the other times that fictional gnomes visited the campus everything went smoothly.

The school was actually really excited about having the gnome visit. This is my favorite quote from the article, from Diana Marek, Assistant Director of the Transportation Center:

"People here went nuts. We really wanted the gnome - we were just thrilled the gnome was in the building."

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