Monday, October 29, 2007

The Right Lesson Learned

Genarlow Wilson has thankfully come out of the unjust experience GA crim just put him through with a positive outlook about how to value the basic good things in life, without negative feelings toward the ludicrous DA who put him in prison for 20 years for consensual sex (“doesn’t he know he could have only served 10 if he had just pled down?!!!?”), and with a message for all the rest of us regarding how we’ve lost the ability to teach lessons without resorting to cells and bars.

"I believe it's something that could have been settled between parents or something to scare us up or teach us a lesson," he said.

Exactly right. Look at the resources wasted on this case that could have been devoted to actual crime control and victim reduction. A lot of our crime is like this, assaults or teen sex or pot use that should be handled by our families and by our churches, not by government, especially not by self-righteous, infallible DAs. The legacy of this country was supposed to be the demonstration of self-government and the institutions and values to create and support that. It would be nice if we could re-learn that ourselves. It would be nice if Wilson’s ultimate journey in life makes him one of our teachers.

[Prevention Works has an interesting example of self-governing against crime in Philadelphia and, of course, resources that you can use if you want to get started yourself right here.]

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