Friday, October 19, 2007

FUBAR and Injections in CA

A new case of FUBAR in CA. The initiative that gave the state Jessica’s Law there was so badly written it’s not clear who, if anybody, actually has jurisdiction over hundreds of released sex offenders and their supervision or the cost of it all. The beleaguered DOC director says he doesn’t have responsibility, and the counties are going “huhh?” I was thinking, you know, this is why we have legislatures to actually think these things through and make sure they can be done . . . but then I remembered we’re talking about CA. Meanwhile, up in San Fran there, the city is getting closer to being the first US city to copy Vancouver’s legal safe injection rooms for drug users who would be supervised by nurses as they inject (the users, NOT the nurses). Apparently saves lives and reduces disease transmission. Not really seeing it happening outside San Fran for a while, not even in a Madison or New York, or the feds leaving it alone, but didn’t see the Rockies in the World Series, either, so who knows?

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