Monday, October 22, 2007

Your Future

Not a big Wash Post fan. Actually, don’t care for it much. Actually, wouldn’t take it if you offered it to me free with a sandwich and Big Gulp. Still, occasionally even a blind pig . . . and this story on the speed and reality of global warming is exactly what I’ve been talking about when I say that the climate change is our future, not some commie liberal plot. This article covers the latest developments on Planet Reality and points out that it’s all happening faster than the models and scientists have predicted (stat models, not runway types, which I know was the first thought for some of you, and you know who you are), and here’s another example of why, today from Terra Daily. Combine that with the dislocations and demands that will result on government budgets on all levels (like this story on heat as a major contributor to the Minneapolis bridge collapse), and you see why I say it’s a giant looming corrections sentencing issue as well. And, given our history, a couple of decades from now, we’ll start paying attention. Those of us who are still dry.

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