Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Evaluation Resources at JRSA

I haven’t mentioned the significant data and research resources you can find at the site of my old employer, the Justice Research and Statistics Association, lately, but they’re impressive, right there along the left side of the homepage. I was going through my old project, the Bureau of Justice Assistance evaluation site, now known as the Center for Program Evaluation, to see what JRSA and the current project manager, Veronica Puryear, have been up to lately. It’s really good stuff, much better than when I was in charge, and a complete one-stop shop not just for questions you might have about evaluation but also about the current literature on corr sent topics like reentry, sex offender programs, problem-solving courts, substance abuse, about anything you can think of. Keep it in mind as you surf the Web looking for bibliographies, tools, resources. There’s not much point in going anywhere else. And, if you’re impressed, drop a note of appreciation to Veronica for her next performance review. She’s concrete proof that having a Ph.D. doesn’t always make you snotty, opinionated, and insufferable like people I could name at this blog.

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