Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Planet Me and Zero Tolerance

The Wisconsin State Journal finishes up its remarkable series on a truly “bad” prosecutor who will never make national news because the evil he does is small scale and death by a thousand cuts. The fourth part is a case study that should leave your forehead bruised from the injustice perpetrated by this “man,” injustice that was so egregious that the judge reamed him out for bringing the child support case that left the father, who had managed to pay up after a bankruptcy, a felon much more unlikely to find the kind of work to make sure he could do child support payments. I f you ever want examples of “goal displacement” and doing something, as the judge said, just because “you could,” this story should serve you for a long time. Read all four parts, and then go to the Book of Micah: You ask what God wants of us? He wants us to love justice and mercy and to walk humbly with him. I wonder where this prosecutor will spend eternity.

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